Eighth Graders Participate in Synetic Theatre

(PDF) July 26, 2018 - Eighth grade students at both middle schools participated in a Synetic Theatre program this past spring. According to their website, “This program is all about action! Active imaginations, active bodies, and active kids! Our signature style of physical theatre blends gymnastics, dance, improvisation, mime, and acting into a one of a kind learning experience that engages students verbally, physically, visually, and intellectually. Students learn to create something out of nothing and in a collaborative, inclusive, encouraging environment.”

In the Middle School Foundations of Acting class, students study the fundamentals of acting based on traditional training methods with an emphasis on physicality that develops stage presence, confidence, and the understanding of acting as a craft. Each student is provided with individualized instruction, promoting continuous learning and growth within the physical theater art form.

This extraordinary opportunity for all Caroline County eighth graders was funded by the Maryland Arts Council in partnership with Caroline County Recreation and Parks.

Photos from both Colonel Richardson Middle School and Lockerman Middle School are available on the Caroline County Public Schools Flickr page.