Caroline Recipient of U.S. Department of Agriculture “Turnip the Beet” Award

(PDF with photo) May 29, 2018 - Caroline County Public Schools has been honored with the USDA Silver "Turnip the Beet" award for their hard work and dedication providing high quality nutritious meals for students at various locations throughout the summer. The goal of the award is to showcase summer meal program providers who are going above and beyond to ensure their meals are both nutritious and appetizing. 

Anne Arundel County Public Schools and Carroll County Public Schools also earned silver awards through the program. 

Beth Brewster, Supervisor of Food Services for Caroline County Public Schools, stated, “Samantha Figueroa, Food Services Operations Manager, David Murray, Assistant Food Services Operations Manager, Amy Crawford, Administrative Assistant, and all our cafeteria managers and their staff that work diligently throughout the summer to make sure our students have nutritious meals outside of school time. We appreciate our sponsors in the community such as Caroline Recreation and Parks, Caroline County Library, and other agencies that helped us to serve over 17,000 meals last summer. Also, hats off to our local farmers that work with us to provide beautiful produce during the school year and summer.” 

Superintendent Patricia Saelens stated, “This award comes as no surprise to anyone that knows Beth and her team. Addressing food insecurities in our community is more than a job to them; it’s really a mission. Their dedication shines through in so many ways – seeking grant funding, connecting with potential partners and volunteers, considering what is in the best interest of all our students and community, and always exploring new and creative ways to do more.”

Never missing an opportunity to access resources, Beth added, “The program is looking for volunteers 
to help feed children during the month of August!” If interested, please email her: