Denton Elementary Students Look to the Future on Career Day

(PDF with photos) May 18, 2018 – Earlier this month, Denton Elementary School held its annual Career Day which gives students the opportunity to meet various professionals from the community and learn about their jobs. 

High School students from Caroline’s Career & Technology Center (CCTC) had the tools of their trade on display, and shared details of the classes that are preparing them for specific professions. Career paths included teaching, early childhood education, computer science, food and beverage management, biomedical, engineering, cosmetology, and advanced manufacturing. 

Businesses, community organizations, and governmental agencies supported the event by spending the day showing what they do and talking about the various aspects of their careers. Guests included the 911 call center staff, an aircraft helmet builder, the sales manager for a countertop supplier, a dental assistant, firefighters, flight attendants, a golf course superintendent, a musician, a personal fitness trainer, a photographer, a production manager, a radiology technician, a teacher, a welder, law enforcement officers, electricians, park rangers, and a web developer. 

Career Day is organized by guidance counselor Christina Gorsuch who stated, “Career Days are beneficial for elementary students because it enables them to connect what they are learning in all areas of the curriculum with a real-world job.  They always look forward to this special day because it gives them an opportunity to meet the community and ask questions, and often interact with tools or equipment.”

(More photos available on Caroline County Public Schools Flickr page.)