Ridgely Elementary Student Semi-Finalist in "If I Were Mayor" Contest

(PDF with photos) May 1, 2018 – Nolan Kelidis, 4th grader in Melissa Dodd’s class at Ridgely Elementary School, has been named as a semi-finalist in the Maryland Municipal League (MML) Essay Contest. Five students, one winner and four semi-finalists, were named for each district. Over 3,100 essays were submitted.

Each year, MML and the Maryland Mayors’ Association invite 4th graders throughout the state to participate in the contest which begins an essay with “If I were mayor, I would …” 

Ridgely Commission President John Hurley, Commissioner Anthony Casey, and Commissioner Leonard Buckle visited Ms. Dodd’s classroom to surprise Nolan with a certificate and a cake to share with his classmates. 

Nolan’s essay:
If I were mayor, I would let people that are visiting Ridgely rent a bike to ride around with. They can look at the train station and then get ice cream. It costs $15.00 an hour. It would have a cover over the bikes so if it snows or rains, they don’t get wet or ruined. The money that the people paid will go straight to the town commissioners so they can fix or upgrade Ridgely. I will put trackers on the bikes so if someone tried to steal it we can track down the bike.

I would get my town and community involved by telling them if a bike broke or the tires need to be pumped, to tell the town commissioners, or if the money machine broke. I would make an exercise program from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm and we ride bikes around Ridgely to get people healthy and to get people to make new friends. One group will be adults and the other will be kids. The program will be $10.00 to sign up for kids and adults. 

I would let my town and community know about it by putting flyers up on poles and put them in mail boxes. I would put up a billboard so people could see it and try the bikes out. People could bring the bikes to events that go on in Ridgely. We will check the bikes every week to make sure they are intact. You can only have them for up to six hours until you have to return them.