Greensboro Elementary School Phone Number to Change

(PDF) April 25, 2018 – The process of changing over many of Caroline schools phone lines continues with Greensboro Elementary School. As of Tuesday, May 1, the new main phone number at Greensboro Elementary will be 410-479-3885.

Because of significant changes to the federal telecommunications E-Rate Reimbursement Program, it has become increasingly cost prohibitive to maintain traditional landlines. In addition, information provided to us indicates that phone companies will eventually discontinue their support of landlines.

Given these circumstances, the process of moving from landlines to a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) system of phones has occurred at Preston and Ridgely Elementary Schools, and now continues with Greensboro. Each school phone number, regardless of school location, has been or will eventually be changed to a ‘479’ exchange. Schools that currently have a ‘479’ exchange will remain the same.

As this is a lengthy project, families should be sure to monitor all communication methods which include SchoolMessenger phone messages and email, the SchoolWay app, social media, websites, print materials sent home, and print newspaper to stay connected to your child’s school. 

Milton Nagel, Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services, stated, “So far, we have experienced smooth transitions at two schools, and anticipate the same for Greensboro Elementary.”