Meteorologist Justin Berk Talks Weather At Preston Elementary

(PDF with photos) April 19, 2018 – When snow was still very much in the forecast, meteorologist Justin Berk held an assembly for Preston Elementary School students based around snow and winter weather with a STEM theme throughout. He advised if they just have “Faith in the Flakes,” they may see a little more snow before spring. (Spoiler Alert: They must have had some faith!)

Berk shared weather forecasting tools, and brought several students to the front of the assembly to help him explain the scientific processes at work.

Berk is an award-winning meteorogloist with over 20 years experience in TV broadcasting and running assemblies, and 10 years as a professor at Stevenson University. His Faith in the Flakes program has been a success in raising money for schools and for his Cool Kids Campaign which is devoted to improving the quality of life for pediatric cancer patients and their families.