Denton Rotary Club Generously Supports Reading in Caroline Elementary Schools

(PDF) March 15, 2018 -  Members of the Denton Rotary Club have been busy visiting all five elementary schools to read to and present vouchers to every third grade student in the county.

Rotary Club president Walter B. Palmer, III, shared that for many years, the club presented third graders with dictionaries. "We wondered if they were as necessary now, when there are so many online sources to do what dictionaries do." In lieu of dictionaries, they began donating to Caroline's Imagination Library and while that still occurs, Mr. Palmer explained it did not seem as worthwhile as being able to interact with the students. 

Palmer explained, "We learned that $3.00 would be enough to buy a book at the school book fairs. So this year we buckled down on fundraising, got a couple of donations, and were able to distribute $3.00 book fair vouchers to all third graders in the county."

Caroline Superintendent of Schools Patricia Saelens stated, "We are enormously grateful to Rotary Club members for their dedication to the students in their communities, and their support of literacy. Our third graders love being able to buy at least one book at the Book Fair, and have truly enjoyed these enthusiastic guest readers."