Energy Management

General Information:

Caroline County Public Schools is determined to reduce the amount of money spent on operating our facilities without negatively effecting the learning environment for our students or the integrity of our buildings.

In order to make this possible the school system has implemented several programs to monitor and regulate our energy demand on a daily basis. These programs are mostly Internet based so our Energy Management Coordinator can adjust the settings at any time from anywhere with internet access on his laptop or smartphone.

  • Pritchett Controls- Allows us to regulate, and control our buildings internal systems such as HVAC and Energy Recovery as well as our exterior lighting. Our goal is to manage the energy demand by maintaining a standard throughout all of our buildings. Essentially we want to make sure no one "leaves the lights on." 
  • Enernoc- Gives us "real time" data of our daily energy demand/use. We can use this to determine when our need for electricity is the highest and try to manipulate our buildings need to reduce high energy spikes which will reduce cost.
  • EnergyCap- Allows us to compare our energy usage to daily conditions. This allows us to ensure that our buildings are using the same (relative) amount of energy when compared to other days with the same, temperature, rain, and cloud conditions. This program also give us the opportunity to compare the energy usage between buildings with different square footages.


Take a Look:

Above: This graph shows our energy use throughout a school day with heavy rain and average temperature of 60 degrees.

(In both images Blue= High Schools, Red= Elementary Schools, Green= Middle Schools)

Below: This graph shows our energy use throughout a school day with Mostly sunny skies and average temperatures of 60 degrees. (As you can see the Blue line drops away when our solar fields begin producing energy.)


Our Providers:

The Caroline County Public School System works with many companies in order to provide adequate and affordable energy to our schools:

Delmarva Power



CCPS has awarded the #2 Fuel Oil and Propane Bid for July 1, 2013-June 30,2015. to Tri Gas & Oil. Please visit our

BID BOARD to view any open CCPS Bids.


SOLAR FIELDS:                                     Cool VIEW "REAL TIME" SOLAR DATACool


Colonel Richardson Middle and High Schools

Ground mounted solar PV system


Solar system size:  919 kW

Number of solar panels:  3,752 – 245 watts per panel

Footprint:  3.94 acres

Greensboro Elementary School

Ground mounted solar PV system


Solar system size:  315 kW

Number of solar panels:  1,288 – 245 watts per panel

Footprint:  2.2 acres


North Caroline High School & Caroline Career and Technology Center

Ground mounted solar PV system


Solar system size:  796 kW

Number of solar panels:  3,248 – 245 watts per panel

Footprint:  3.3 acres



Because the soil deep beneath the Earths surface stays at a constant temperature throughout the year the CCPS uses the ground to heat and cool some of our schools. During the hot months the fluids used in our equipment are pumped through pipes deep underground. As it travels the cool temperatures of the soil reduce the temperatures of these fluids which are then sent back into the equipment to cool the air. The same process happens in the winter months but the ground warms the fluids before it is reused.


Contact Information:

Data Systems and Energy Management Coordinator          410.479.1210