Professional Development Day Focuses on "Building Team Ownership"

(PDF) Feb. 14, 2018 - Earlier this month, all instructional staff participated in professional development with the theme "Building Team Ownership."  Teachers throughout the county discussed strategies to help students learn how to work together appropriately and productively. One such strategy is the use of charts to document students' ideas and teacher's expectations, illustrating what good communication looks and sounds like.  This is just one of the many strategies used that correlates to life skills that will serve students well now and in the future. 
Teachers were also challenged to think about how their jobs are changing with the implementation of Essentials for Learning.  They are developing the practice of monitoring student learning in real time within lessons, and understanding how to use this information to plan their next steps for instruction.  
Essentials for Learning is a Caroline County Public Schools initiative embarked upon in 2017. It changes the way teaching occurs in the classroom and as a result, incorporates more of the skills students need to be successful in the 21st Century workforce such as critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, collaboration, communication, character, and citizenship. 
This professional development day was the fourth this school year in support of the Essentials for Learning initiative. Previous professional development days were:
  • August: Visioning Day
  • October: Igniting Student Ownership
  • December: Engaging Productive Teams 
Dr. Patricia Saelens, Superintendent of Schools, stated, "It is imperative that our business community and school system work together to prepare our students for the workforce of tomorrow." 
For photos from the day, please visit our Caroline County Public Schools Flickr page