Career & Technology Education


 Engineering Development Program Launching in Caroline

The CEDC is working with Caroline businesses and Caroline County Public Schools to launch an Engineering Development Program.  The goal of the program is to develop and retain local engineering talent.  Developing a talented engineering pool is critical for the advanced manufacturing companies in our area.
Students who participate in the program will work in internship positions with local companies during their junior and senior years of high school.  Once they go on to college, the students will have the opportunity to come back to the area each summer for progressively advanced internships.  Upon graduation, the goal is to have a full-time employment offer with one of the companies participating in the program.

 Upper Shore Early College Initiative

The Upper Shore Early College Initiative is for Caroline County Public Schools students who are interested in biomedical technology, radiologic technology, or other allied health fields. This program will allow students to save time and money while they work toward a college degree while still in high school. The Upper Shore Early College Initiative is supported by a Maryland State Department of Education grant.