Greensboro Elementary Gets New Picnic Tables Thanks to Local Church and CCTC students

Greensboro Elementary School has two new picnic tables for students to use during recess time thanks to Bethel Wesleyan Church in Goldsboro and the construction students at the Caroline Career and Technology Center.

The church donated money to Greensboro in memory of Jeremy McGrady and Angelina Nobel, two students in died in a car crash in 2016. Principal Dawn Swann said the church asked what they would like to do with the money and said the school students would appreciate picnic tables. Dawn Swann said she contaced Dennis Hall, CADD/Construction teacher at CCTC, and he agreed to have his students make the school two tables.

"The boys and one girl put a lot of extra love and care into the tables because they knew they were making them in memory of our two students," said Swann. "I love the way our local church and our students at the high school worked together to provide the elementary school with something so special."

The CCTC students who built the two tables are pictured.