Caroline County Fifth Grade Spelling Bee

The Teachers Can Help organization held their 41st annual Caroline County Spelling Bee October 25 at the Caroline County Public Library, Denton. The top three fifth grade spellers from each of the county's five elementary schools competed.

The spelling bee went ten rounds before the top three spellers were left. The first place finisher was Lita McClyment of Federalsburg Elementary School. The second place finisher was Rylee Fruengel of Ridgely Elementary School and the third place finisher was Trynton Parks of Federalsburg Elementary School.  
The three top finishers in the Caroline County 5th Grade Spelling Bee are pictured. Rylee Fruengel, second place; Trynton Parks, third place and Lita McClyment, first place.
The contestants for the Caroline County fifth grade spelling bee. In front: Rylee Fruengel, Manny Dadds, Gracie Dicus, Lita McClyment. Second row: Miranda Brown, Maddie Shufelt, Quentin Turner, Tyaira Thomas and Ethan Stormes. Third row: Daniel Rice III, Lucy Pearce, Ryan Shanks, Trynton Parks and Emma Keating. Not pictured is Alissa Dixon.