Superintendent to Host Public Meeting on School System Goals and Initiatives

Caroline County Public Schools (CCPS) Superintendent Dr. Patricia Saelens, is hosting a public meeting on Tuesday, November 14 beginning at 6:30 p.m. in the Denton Elementary School cafeteria.

The meeting will highlight and update families and community members on school system academic goals, the implementation of rigorous standards, and the new county initiative: Essentials for Learning. Dr. Saelens said, "As we dive into the second term, it is the perfect time to check for evidence of progress toward our goals. I am excited to meet with families and community members to celebrate student and teacher successes."

Teachers and administrators will be sharing tasks that students are doing throughout their day. We will provide experiences for parents and the community so that they better understand how education is changing to meet the 21st Century learner. As CCPS moves to incorporate more of the skills students need -- critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, character and citizenship -- the instructional practices are changing. It is important that the community understand and experience why we are challenging students, increasing rigor, and what they can do to support this shift in instructional practices.

Come join us to learn more and see what our students are experiencing throughout their day.

There will be time for those in attendance to ask questions and light refreshments will be served.