Caroline County Public Schools Honors Recent Retirees

Caroline County Public Schools recognized recent retirees for their years of service to students. During the back to school meeting for staff, the retirees were given plaques and certificates presented by the Board of Education.  The retirees are: Juanita Bilbrough, 28 years: Debra Greenlaw, 22 years; Donna Carson, 33 years; Jane Nashold, 28.5 years; Cynthia Nicklin, 33 years; Carol Seward, 25 years and Mary Beth Sullivan, 15 years. Retirees not in attendance are: Jan Arntz, 17 years; LaVerne Bagley, 31 years; Timothy Frey, 34 years; Toni Powers, 23.6 years; Mildred Chance, 33 years; Laurie Costello, 23.5 years; Reginald Lennox, 9.5 years, Stephen Quillen, 20 years; Dale Kenton, 24 years; Marsha Kenton, 8 years and Diane Moore, 29 years. Thanks for your years of service!