Board News from July 2017 Board of Education Meeting

The Caroline County Board of Education approved the school system's fiscal year 2018 budget during the July 11 Board of Education meeting.

The total budget as of June 26, 2017 will be $67.7 million. The school system will receive $12.8 million from the Caroline County Commissioners, which represents an increase of $221,496 over the FY 2017 appropriation. In addition, the county will continue to fund the local share of the teacher's pension shift, $1,346,097. The school system is expected to receive $53,050,265 in unrestricted revenues from the state of Maryland, which represents an increase of $2.1 million. The overall increase to the unrestricted operating budget for FY 2018 is $2,482,439.

The Board of Education also approved the following items during the July meeting:

  • Legal Services Association Director and Alternate Director
  • Custodial Supplies bid
  • Personnel items