Teacher of the Year Finalists Honored

Caroline County Public Schools honored 13 finalists for Caroline County Teacher of the Year during a reception at the Caroline Culinary Arts Center in Denton on April 18. Superintendent John Ewald said each of the 13 are a teacher of the year.

Board Vice President Walter Palmer III said the most enjoyable part of being on the board of education is being able to visit the classrooms of the school system. "From what I've seen the students in Caroline County are the luckiest in the state because they have you as their teachers." He thanked them for doing such a great job for Caroline County students.

The Teacher of the Year will be formally announced on Tuesday, April 19.

The 13 finalists for Caroline County Teacher of the Year. In front from left to right: Erin Alexander, Rachel Breeding, Letitia Hopkins, Megan Ozman. Second row left to right: Thomas Robbins, Amy Bauman, Juliann Walls, Catherine Elin. Third row left to right: Jennifer Dvorak, Robert Davis, Angela Garrett, Mary Jo Kerr and Marcia Porter.







Erin Alexander is a special education teacher at Greensboro Elementary School. The nominator was anonymous, but wrote, "She has assisted her special needs students with finding success year after year. She works hard each and every day to improve her craft as well as to meet the needs of her students."









  Amy Bauman is a 3rd grade teacher at Denton Elementary School. She was nominated by Timmeka Perkins. She wrote about Mrs. Bauman, "Ms. Baumann is a true believer in the power of collaboration; her team approach makes sure that the needs of the whole child are met."






Rachel Breeding teaches 1st grade at Greensboro Elementary School. She was nominated by fellow teacher Renee Carnochan. Mrs. Carnochan said, "Her students are always her first priority. Mrs. Breeding can be found teaching in her classroom, in the hallway, during dismissal, during bathroom breaks. She makes the most of every moment of the school day."





  Robert Davis is a technology education teacher at Colonel Richardson High School. He was nominated by CRHS prinicipal Mrs. Christal Harkowa. Mrs. Harkowa said, "He works very hard to build relationships with students as well as his colleagues. Mr. Davis' efforts are evident as he has continued to increase enrollment numbers in his Project Lead the Way engineering classes."






Jennifer Dvorak teaches kindergarten at Denton Elementary. She was nominated by parent Trish Stramella. She wrote, "Our son loves reading because of Mrs. Dvorak. Teachers like Mrs. Dvorak help build a positive learning experience for kids, and eager to learn more. She makes all of her students feel important."







Catherine Elin, is a second grade teacher at Ridgely Elementary. She was nominated by parents Danielle Jacobsen and Theresa Hopper. They said, "Cathy has the most positive energy. She is loving, warm, hilarious, and so energetic. She makes every student feel loved and successful."






Angela Garrett, an English teacher at North Caroline High School, was nominted by fellow teacher Andrew Buffenmeyer. He wrote, "Mrs. Garrett uses her love for English as well as her vast amounts of personal experiences and background knowledge to inspire students to learn."








Letitia Hopkins, a fourth grade teacher at Federalsburg Elementary School, was nominated by her students. One of them wrote, "Mrs. Hopkins was my brothers teacher and now she is mine. She is funny and helps me a lot. My favorite subject is reading because she makes everyone be quiet. Science was very fun in her class because we dissected owl pellets."






Mary Jo Kerr, a language arts teacher at Colonel Richardson Middle School, was nominated by former student Jenna Towers. Towers wrote, "I had Mrs. Kerr in the 7th grade. In my 13 years of school and being taught she is my favorite teacher of all time."








Megan Ozman, a language arts teacher at Colonel Richardson Middle School, was nominated by student Skylar Collins. She wrote, "Mrs. Ozman has a special way of teaching and makes learning enjoyable and exciting. She inspires me to want to be a teacher.








Marcia Porter, media specialist at Lockerman Middle School, was nominated by parent Shannon Drinnon. Mrs. Drinnon wrote, "Mrs. Porter is not just a librarian, she is so much more and a true unsung hero of LMS. She is an incredibly outstanding teacher."









  Thomas Robbins, transition teacher in the Caroline County Public School transition center program, was nominated by CCTC principal Mr. Gene Smith. Mr. Smith said, "Mr. Robbins is well respected by students, staff and community members for his easy going and kind manner, he is focused on all students' success."







Juliann Walls, fifth grade teacher at Preston Elementary, was nominted by PES principal Dr. Lois McCoy. Dr. McCoy said, "Mrs. Walls is an outstanding teacher because of her genuine dedication and love for her students, she holds high expectations for all of her students and has an excellent rapport with parents."