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Upon employment, new teachers who do not already hold a valid Maryland teaching certificate will be provided information by the Personnel Office regarding the application process. A $10.00 fee is required by the Maryland State Department of Education for the certificate.  The Personnel Office will provide you with a Certification Payroll Deduction Form for this fee.  The appropriate teaching certificate will be requested for the teacher. When the certificate is received, the original will be forwarded to the teacher. Official transcripts of undergraduate and/or graduate grades must be submitted with all certificate applications. New teachers should also have their test scores sent directly to the State Department of Maryland or to Caroline County from the testing service.

Teachers who need to renew their teaching certificate (or in the case of conditional certificate holders, obtain a new one) must submit the required official transcripts, a completed certification request form, and the Certification Payroll Deduction Form to the Personnel Office no later than the day prior to the expiration of the certificate. (Certificates are always effective beginning July 1 or January 1.) Those needing to present passing test scores for certificates must meet the same deadline. Failure to meet this deadline may result in loss of certification, cancelation of teacher’s contract and loss of continuing employment status.

Properly processed certificate renewal requests will be forwarded to the Maryland State Department of Education on behalf of the teacher. Upon receipt of the new certificate, the original copy of the new certificate will be forwarded to the teacher.

Current Certification Forms