Instructional Technology


Digital Citizenship (how a person interacts with other online users) has become an increasingly hot topic over the last few years for both parents and educators. This year, Caroline County Public Schools is using resources and activities from Common Sense Media to help promote responsible, ethical, and respectful online behavior. Please see the resources below to get the digital citizenship conversation started in your home.

  • Common Sense Media Logo#DeviceFreeDinner (Information about a campaign that promotes the idea that devices should be put away at mealtime)
  • Cell Phone Parenting (Information about apps, privacy settings, creating a family media agreement and more)
  • Social Media (Learn about various social media platforms and what warning signs to look for if your child has an account)
  • Cyberbullying, Haters, and Trolls (Resources and tips for stopping a cyberbully, avoiding digital harassment, and tips for dealing with haters and trolls)
  • News and Media Literacy (Learn how to spot fake news, how to fact-check a source, and find appropriate online resources for kids)

Caroline County Public Schools is proud to provide our 3rd-12th grade students a Google For Education account. This account provides students the opportunity to practice digital communication, creation, collaboration, and critical thinking skills in a safe, ad-free, archived environment. To learn more about the Google For Education safety and privacy policies please visit

Students in grades 3-10 have closed accounts (meaning students can only communicate with CCPS students and staff). Students in grades 11 and 12 have open accounts (they can communicate outside of CCPS) so they can send and receive messages about potential employment, college applications, scholarships, etc.

If, as a CCPS parent or guardian, you would like to opt-out of having your 3rd-10th grade child's CCPS Google For Education, please notify your child's school in writing. If your child is in 11th or 12th grade, please indicate in your written note whether you either do not want your child to have an account at all or that your child is to only have a closed (within CCPS) account. 

If you are ok with your child having an account, you do not need to notify the school.

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