Comptroller Franchot Visits Preston Elementary School

Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot received an update on the Preston Elementary School construction and renovation project, as he toured the building along with the Caroline County Commissioners, the Preston Town Commissioners and members of the Caroline County Board of Education on February 19.

Scott Saxon of Whiting and Turner construction, led the tour through the newly constructed cafeteria and gymnasium and other parts of the building set to be renovated.

"The county deserves this, you need an up to date facility," said Franchot, as he praised the school system for taking care of its school facilities. "Caroline County is front and center (in taking care of its school facilities)."

Board of Education President Tolbert Rowe said the county school system tries to be good stewards of the state's money.

While touring the new cafeteria/gymasium space, Interim Superintendent of Schools Milton Nagel said Preston Elementary has never had an adequate gymnasium. "This will give the school and the community three thousand square feet of space." The new space can be split in half between a gymnasium and a cafeteria and can be shut off from the rest of the school in order to be used by the community. "This will be a huge asset to the community," said Nagel.

Phase one of the project was the addition of the gymnasium, cafeteria and new kitchen. The project is renovating and adding an additional 15,390 square feet to the school originally built in 1971. The project also includes a geothermal system to replace the buildings original oil fired boilers. Solar panels will also be installed on the roof for electricity generation.The system anticipates the project to be completed by late spring 2016.


 (At left is Comptroller Peter Franchot with Assistant Superintendent of Instruction Dr. Patricia Saelens, Preston Assistant Principal Dr. Kari Clow and Preston Principal Dr. Lois McCoy.)