Caroline Receives Grant Award

Caroline County Public Schools Receives Grant Award during October Board Meeting

The Monsanto Fund presented a $25,000 grant check to Caroline County Public Schools to help enhance math and/or science education. The America's Farmers Grow Rural Education, sponsored by the Monsanto Fund, helps local farmers support their local school districts. Local farmers can nominate a rural public school system in their community to compete for merit-based grants of either $10,000 or $25,000.

Mrs. Debbie George, supervisor of instruction, said Caroline County Public Schools, was nominated by over 50 Caroline County farmers for the grant award.

Mr. Ron Corder, Monsanto district sales manager, said the fund gives many $10,000 grants, but only a handful of $25,000 awards.

"This is only second one on the (eastern) shore, and we thank these (farm) families for nominating Caroline County Public Schools and for Debbie George for her excellent writing skills (for writing the grant application)," said Mr. Corder. Since 2011, the Monsanto Fund has given school systems across the country over $7 million in grant awards.

Caroline's $25,000 award will be used to create a high school environmental science course which will serve as the capstone class taken by all students before graduation. The class will integrate life, earth, and physical sciences. The course will also integrate Algebra 1 skills. The money will be used for teacher training, equipment and supplies such as stream table kits, world relief maps and basic lab equipment.

The farm families who nominated the school system are from all over the county. Ten of the farm families attended the October board meeting to show their support for the award and to receive the Board's thanks for nominating the school system for the award. The farmers who nominated the school system were: Ann Schmick, Barbara Wood, Barbra Fishell, Brian Hetrick, Bruce Bartz, Catherine Richard, Catherine Wheatley, Charles Lyons, Chassity Hetrick, Christina Davis, Crystal Richard, David Wood, Donna Hignutt, Donnie Swann, Eileen Wood, Elaine Hetrick, Eric Hignutt, Erin Bartz, Eugene Higgs, MaryRuth Hggs, Eva Fishell, Gale Cawley, Gene Hetrick, Gene Robinson, Wayne Robinson, Glen Plutschak, Jamie Knnom, Jeff Lyons, Jessica Eaton, John Davis, John Davis II, Julie Swann, June Swann, Katie Davis, Kenneth Fishell Jr., Kenneth Fishell Sr., Kevin Fishell, Leon Schmick, Lorie Swann, Mandy Lyons, Martha Schmick, Michael J. Wood, Paul Eaton, Paula Kinnom, Richard A. Wood, Rick Hetrick, Roger Schmick, Sabrinia Fishell, Shawne Davis, Steve Swann, Thomas Cheezum, Thomas Richard, Thomas Richard II, Thomas Wheatley, and Thomas Cheezum II.