Student Assistance Teams Receive Training

Caroline County Public Schools was awarded a training grant from the Masonic Charities of Maryland. Recently a two-day training was held at the Board of Education offices in Denton. The training was geared toward the schools' Student Assistance teams.

The teams examine attendance, grades, and behavior in the schools, in an effort to help students. The training assists the school system by creating and training resource teams that can provide interventions for students. The Masonic Charities of Maryland has partnered with the Maryland State Department of Education for over 20 years to provide the student assistance team programs and training.

Members of the Masonic Lodges of Maryland visited the training to talk to the student assistance teams. Those who visited the teams were: Steve Ponzillo III; Richard Naegele, Tom Cole and Fred Laser. . Step Mika, retired from Cecil County Public Schools, helped to provide the training.