Denton Elementary Teachers Receive Gift Cards from Walmart

  Twenty Denton Elementary School teachers each received $50 gift cards from the Easton Walmart as part of the stores' Teacher Reward Program.

 Cindy Saunders, personnel manager at the Easton Walmart, said Walmart realizes most public school teachers spend their own money to buy supplies and items for their classrooms each year. "You care for our children and treat them as your own," said Saunders.

Walmart annually gives over $5 million to 100,000 teachers across the country to help offset what the teachers spend on buying supplies for their classrooms.

Missy Butler, Denton Elementary principal and Courtney Handte, assistant principal, pulled 20 teachers names out of a bag to award the $50 gift cards. Other teachers, who did not receive the gift cards, received supplies from the Easton Walmart.