Colonel Middle Students Learn About Choices

Colonel Richardson Middle School students learned the stark realities of making bad choices, April 2, when the Choice Bus visited their school.

The Choice Bus is an experience-based learning tool designed to show young people the power of education, as well as the likely consequences of choosing to drop out of school. The regular looking school bus has a full scale replica of a prison cell which is hidden behind a curtain and flat screen television.

During the 20 minute presentation, the students watched a four-minute movie that quizzed them on the earning potential of a school dropout versus a high school and college graduate. The movie also features several testimonies from people who regret dropping out - prison inmates. Once the movie is finished, the prison cell is revealed to the students. The cell features a set of bunkbeds, sink and toilet, that were actually from the Alabama prison system. The students were invited to walk through the small cell to experience the uncomfortable living conditions.

  After leaving the bus the students are asked to sign a pledge card to stay in school and make good choices. The Choice Bus is from the Mattie Stewart Foundation in Alabama. For more information on The Choice Bus visit: