School Messenger

Caroline County Public Schools uses the notification system SchoolMessenger. SchoolMessenger allows CCPS to provide timely communication to parents and staff members on matters such as district emergencies, general activities and attendance.  


Please note the UPDATED information below on how to access SchoolMessenger via the web or your mobile device. This replaces Contact Manager.

What is the SchoolMessenger app?

The SchoolMessenger app is the next generation of the app that has been known as SchoolMessenger InfoCenter. The updated app replaces the website Contact Manager, and is for both families and teachers.

How is the SchoolMessenger app different from SchoolMessenger Contact Manager?

The SchoolMessenger app provides access to the same information available in Contact Manager, but on your mobile device through the app, or via the website

Is there any cost to get the new SchoolMessenger app?


Where can I download the mobile app?

The SchoolMessenger app will be available on the Android Google Play and Apple iOS app stores under the name “SchoolMessenger.” You can also go to and log in there or follow the link to download the app for your mobile device.

How do I use the app?

The SchoolMessenger app will ask you to create an account (on the website click on Sign Up in the upper right). You must use an email address that is associated with your child in their PowerSchool account if you are a parent, or your account if you are a CCPS staff member. If you need to use an email that is not currently associated with your child's account, contact your school to have that address added (it will upload overnight and you will be able to create the account the next day). Staff members should use their CCPS-assigned email address.

Are the web app features the same as the mobile app?

Yes. For those who prefer to use a website instead of a mobile app (or who don’t have easy access to a smartphone), the SchoolMessenger app’s functions will be available online at

An account for the web app is recognized on the mobile apps, and vice versa.





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