School Based Health Centers

In partnership with Choptank Community Health System (CCHS), Caroline County Public Schools is proud to offer health services to our students during the school day through School Based Health Centers (SBHC). These centers are currently offered at all county schools.  The SBHC program is a valuable service that decreases the time your child misses from school, decreases the amount of time you may miss from work, and provides quality healthcare to the county's students.

The SBHC are staffed by CCHS nurse practitioners and physicians assistants who are able to provide sick care (including treatments, medications and prescriptions as needed), perform physicals (new entrant physicals and sports physicals), and conduct health risk appraisals to identify students who may need additional support.  Dental services are also offered at each school once a year.  This program includes dental screenings, cleanings, fluoride sealants and referrals for restorative services.

Parents/legal guardians may enroll their children in these programs by completing the SBHC enrollment packet:

SBHC-Enrollment 17-18.pdf

SBHC Spanish Version 17-18.pdf

SBDP-ENR 17 -18.pdf

SBDP-ENR 17-18 Spanish.pdf

The SBHC program has a one-time enrollment process: Once a student is enrolled, he or she does not need to re-enroll each year. However, the SBHC will request updated demographic (address, phone number, contacts and insurance) and health information via the CCPS student information update form and the CCHS enrollment update form that is sent home by the school at the beginning of each school year.

Federal and state regulations require all providers, including Choptank Community Health System (CCHS), to bill all patients for School Based Health Center program services. The Medicaid programs cover School Based Health Center charges.  If your child has health insurance, CCHS will bill the insurance company for health services and follow the billing requirements associated with your plan. Depending on your insurance plan, you may receive a bill from CCHS for copays, unmet deductibles and any non covered services.  If CCHS is not a participating provider with your insurance plan, you will be billed directly for services. If you do not have insurance, CCHS offers a sliding fee scale.  Patients on the sliding fee scale will be billed based upon their income.  All patients are eligible to apply for the sliding fee program even if they have insurance.  Finally, the cost associated with lab services will be billed to your insurance.  Bills for these tests will come directly from the lab company.   

The only exception to this is sports physicals the center has been requested to perform by a parent or guardian. These are not billed to insurance and are free of charge.