Consistent attendance plays a critical part in a child’s academic and social education. It is a parent’s responsibility to make sure that children attend school, are not late for school or have unexcused absences. Students may be excused from school for illness and health care appointments that cannot be arranged at another time. Please try to arrange doctor and dentist appointments when your child is not in school. If your child is absent from school because of illness, please send a note to school when your child returns.

The school nurse may call you if your child is in the health room. This does not always mean that your child needs to go home. The nurse may just want to make you aware of the situation or she may call because your child has requested she do so. If you choose to pick your child up from school, the day may not be considered a certified absence. If you are unsure, ask the school nurse if the day will be certified. If the day is not certified by the nurse, you should provide a parent note for the absence.