Health Program

School Health Program


The State of Maryland requires that each school system, with assistance from the local county health department, provides school health services in all public schools. In Caroline County Public Schools (CCPS) the health services program is administered by CCPS. The Caroline County Health Department provides assistance with health screenings, development of policies, and medical consultation. CCPS is very fortunate to have a nurse in every one of our schools who is trained in first aid, CPR/AED, and emergency procedures.

Among other services, school nurses maintain student health records, perform state-required health screenings, administer provider-prescribed medications, perform nursing procedures, respond to student illnesses and accidents, provide health counseling and referrals, develop nursing care plans for students with health concerns, conduct health-related classroom instruction, and serve as a parent and classroom consultant in health-related matters. In addition, several of our schools are also staffed with Health Assistants who perform tasks as directed by the School Nurse.